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The Perfect Hook-Up Ratio

“Ever since the EZ Bait Rigging Swivel has come out we have had way better hook up ratios than ever before. We used to use just regular O-rings, but now with the whole swivel idea, it’s so much nicer and easier. With the EZ Bait Rigging Swivel it allows your hook to move around and not be stuck in one position and the presentation of the bait is much more lively looking. Our first time using the EZ Bait Rigging Swivel, we were fishing an Ocean City Marlin Club tournament and we hooked and caught 7 white marlin and blue marlin, giving us the perfect hook up ratio. A great product; we will only be using these from here on.”
Andrew Dotterweich

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The Super Slam – “It’s EZ!”

“Preparation Meeting Opportunity is the name of the game. Some people call it lucky but I believe luck is just a small piece of the puzzle. The true secret is Practice and Preparation, this way when you do get “a little lucky” you can fully capitalize on the situation presented.

February 12, 2019 Capt. AJ Sepe and I left the dock from Chub Cay, Bahamas at 6:45am headed for Miami. It was only the two of us but the bite had been picking up the last two days so we decided to put the baits out and fish till noon. We were dredge fishing with two squid chains, 2 swimmers on the longs, and a swimmer and a chugger on the flats. “This is the first time I’ve fished a full spread solo in the cockpit!” I remember telling AJ. He responded, “Don’t worry, we’ve got everything ready.” Little did I know that day would test our preparation to its fullest extent.

Long story short…we were continuously covered up by packs of Mahi’s and end up catching a Blue, a White, and a Sail by noon, then dropped for a Sword on the way home and landed a double marker…… boom “Super Slam.” I went through 70 baits in a half day of trolling and had to move as fast as possible. Being alone in the cockpit was tuff but one thing that really allowed me to move quickly was the “EZ Bait Rigging Swivel”. With the EZ Bait Rigging Swivel I could get my baits on and off the hooks quickly without the use of pliers or changing leaders. I also didn’t have to sacrifice the integrity of the baits by using O-rings. I could move fast and I knew my baits were solid!

Thanks guys for a great product. Looking forward to more great days.”

Patrick Brown